Life is a journey.  Reves & Associates Counseling is here to be a resource to you in your journey; in the process of identifying life matters that you want to work on, uncovering underlying and apparent past and present influences on those issues, setting goals and procedures to strive towards those objectives, and to provide guidance, feedback, accountability, and any help we can and you desire as you journey towardsBetween Seasons by Evgeni Dinev the life you want.  We work with individuals, couples, and families dealing with all kinds of personal or relational matters.  Additionally, we offer specialized services for children and families, including play therapy, activity therapy, and therapeutic supervised parent/child visitation.

We are also a training facility for Licensed Professional Counselor Interns and Practicum Students.  This offers us the opportunity and responsibility of keeping our skills well honed, as well as a place for up and coming counselors to build on their abilities to work as people helpers.  For clients, this allows us to offer more perspectives, more scheduling availability, and more valuable fee structures.

So, welcome to our website.  We are continuing to build and update it, so if we do not yet have the information that you are looking for, please give us a call at 940-383-1207 or email us at info@r-acounseling.com.  We look forward to talking with you soon!



Between Seasons by Evgeni Dinev